Lead Analytics

Lead Analytics
Act faster, outperform with Lead Analytics.   Customers are getting smarter, they are more digital-aware.
  • Capture, consolidate, and process, prospect information from diverse sources. Emails, social networks and corporate data.
  • Unveil critical insights from vast amount of information surrounding your business.
  • Analyze your sales pipeline, lead profiles, Lead-Conversion rates, Sales-rep and department Win-Lost performance ratios , demand and pipeline forecasts, Campaign effectiveness, Channel and product-line performance, trends, Average dealsizes, time to close deals and much more…
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Outperform with Lead Analytics, gain insights into prospects.
Online Demo
Interactive web-based demo of Lead Analytics.
Offline Team
Lead Analytics for (offilne) diconnected users.
iPad Demo
Lead Analytics for Mobile Workforce & Customers.

Unveil your business intricacies