Pilot In 8 Weeks

Pilot In 8 Weeks
Before you engage in significant commitment, build a pilot with your currently available data.
By rapidly identifying the most comprehensive requirements and data sources needed using workshops that would involve all stakeholders (management, end users, and technical staff)

  • You get a working prototype that your business can effectively evaluate and use to make an informed decision on how to proceed.
  • Provide quick-wins as your users, managers and executives get answers from existing business information in 8 weeks.
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Prototype deliverables
The prototype contains a limited amount of your business data and several key reports against the prototype
  • Organized in the proposed data warehouse dimensional model.
  • It provides your business users and management with an early preview of the data warehouse.
  • This serves as a foundation upon which to build the full production data analytics solution.
  • Few reports presenting key information needed by your business users
  • Ad-Hoc interface for self-service analysis and ad-hoc querying.
  • Solution Documents and costing of full production implementation
Benefits of our 8-weeks working prototype
  • Delivers initial results to users quickly and builds anticipation for the final product,
  • Demonstrates the potential advantages of the data warehouse to key management and end users,
  • Provides the project with the visibility needed to gain the support and commitment required to be successful, and
  • Ensures that within two months, the Core User Team has a hands-on, limited version of the analytics and business intelligence solution to evaluate.

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